Sunday, October 4, 2009

'WHO AM I? מי אני

AND WHERE AM I? ואפה אניOn Succot 2009, children and youth made 'aliyah to Shdema' to rejoice in the G-d of Israel and celebrate their freedom to live in the Land of Israel. Many climbed the hill to Shdema for the first time, while others returned after going up a number of times.
Hundreds enjoyed the main events: the donkey ride;

Elazar the balloon-man & a knife-swinging juggler.

Brothers slugged it out to see who would be the rightful 'boss' of the hill in a bitter duel to the end!
While a brother & sister drew swords and cried out: "On guard!"

Kids surrounded the baby donkey to comfort her while mom was out & about with other kids.

ב'עזרת השם יהיה אלייה לשדמה בשנה הבאה, משבוע ל'שבוע

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