Sunday, March 28, 2010

100328 Customs Before Pesach

Distribution Centers Provide Matzah for Pesach

People, especially the poor, line up to receive free commodities for Pesach – especially matzah!

Kashering utensils for Pesach

Boiling pots of hot water are found throughout religious neighborhoods for the convenience of certain pots being kashered for Pesach by immersing them in boiling hot water, ridding them of any remains of chametz.

B’dikat Chametz
It is customary to search for any remaining chametz the night before Erev Pesach. The custom is called ‘b’dikat chametz’ and is made a big game among the children of each family as they search every nook ‘n corner of the house to remove every crumb. The search is preferably made with candle-light, but flashlights have also been used.

Burning the Chametz

The morning of Erev Pesach families and children encircle the fires in neighborhoods to burn the last remnants of chametz found by kids the night before. This activity is to be completed by 11:30 am.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Free Clipart

I have to tell all you young'uns that you never get too old to be a 'kid', and you never get too old to enjoy friends and birthday parties with birthday cake and all the trimmings.
That's what us older 'kids' did in the outdoors on the hillside of Netzer this past Friday. The broadcast went out loud and clear that it was the birthday of one of our most loyal participants and photographer friend, Rivkah Ribak. So, we took up the opportunity to celebrate the moment with her.
I never got the age since there is just some things a girl doesn't tell!
יום הולדת = birthday
מסיבה = party
עוגה = cake
בחוץ = outdoors
לחגוג = to celebrate
גיל = age
מורד הנבעה = hillside

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

100301 PURIM in Givat Zeev 2010

Kings and queens were seen recently throughout the streets of every city of Israel. Along with them were angels and butterflies. All species of wild and domestic animals were roaming about as the evil Haman disguised himself in numerous garbs trying to flee his ill fate. Megilat Esther is read to remind everyone of the Jews’ victory over evil when Haman was tricked by the beautiful Queen Esther and hung by the King.
So one of the traditional foods to eat in the celebration of Purim each year is אוזני חמן or Hamantashen (Yiddish) = HAMAN’S EARS.


The before-dinner entertainment began with Ori and his father, Akiva, as they broke out into song and dance around the kitchen.

One of the young guests for the evening was 12 year old Chaim Yair who o-o-h-ed & ah-h-h-ed everyone with his juggling performance.

Nine year old Chaggi, 10-year-old Yedidiya, and 12-year-old Michal stepped up to the plate to demonstrate their ability to make use three cups with a bridge of knives braided together for a glass to stand on. It took some time to achieve the feat, but three heads of three brothers put together with determination caused them to succeed in the end.

Ori came up with the bright idea of filling a glass with water and swinging it around without spilling it, and WALLA! He succeeded in not spilling it, but he slung the whole glass of water in his father's face! We all decided the kids need to practice this game alot before they name it "How NOT to Throw Water in Your Father's Face!"