Friday, May 6, 2011

110504 Hopes & Dreams of the Mighty Fallen Live

Yom Hashoah & Yom Hazikaron
Israelis believe you can’t fully appreciate Yom Hatzmaut, Independence Day, until citizens of the State recall the price for their independence. Therefore, Yom Haatzmaut is the day immediately following Yom Hazikaron.
All too often, a moral voice deep inside haunts us: “Why?! Was it all worth it? All the dying, suffering! What was it for?” all the questions we are taught we have no right to ask especially if one is a person of faith in Hashem.
These were the questions parading through my mind as I walked along the Tyelet, the Southern Promenade, taking in the view overlooking the Old City walls, the Temple Mount. I observed all the massive growth of united Jerusalem and along with this sight was the realization of the prosperity of the Jews in order to bring about the renewal of Israel. Vibrant Jewish communities were brought to life from all those martyrs, all the men and women who died to preserve our freedom! What was it all for? The answer: From the ashes of the Shoah was the rebirth of a Jewish homeland!!! The bones and the sinews have come together, and Hashem has breathed life into His People as He promised!
My path led me to a young man sitting on the hillside of the Tyelet concentrating deeply as he was meticulously drawing the scene below with pen and ink. He didn’t miss a roof, house, stone wall or tree as line after line was connected together until the village below was patiently illustrated in black and white. I was so impressed with his art that I stopped to observe as he continued on with his masterpiece. Interfering with his focus, I just had to talk to him a few minutes – it’s permitted since I am a woman! I did not want to miss the privilege to meet another of Israel’s finest of this generation. 
The handsome young man – and girls! we are talking HANDSOME! – kindly introduced himself.
Idan is presently attending one of the best of the best art schools in Jerusalem, Betzalel. He is in hot pursuit of a career in topography and illustration which will take a few more years of study since this is his first year. In the meantime, he has a job at the Little Italy Restaurant in the German Colony, a hotspot for the young college and career ‘yuppies’. But Idan assured me that the mature, wise, experienced folks (like me) in their Golden years are also welcome.
I always taunt young Israelis around the age of Idan if he/she has served in the IDF, because you always get a readily indignant reply such as his: “YES!!! OF COURSE! I’M ISRAELI! EVERYONE MY AGE HAS SERVED IN THE MILITARY RIGHT AFTER THEY GET OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL!” And a stare like “Woman! What world are you from?”
What was it all for? From the ashes of the Shoah came forth the ingathering of the Jewish tribes of Israel from the four corners of the earth. They are still returning home, and bringing forth a determined generation of young people, such as Idan, in pursuit of a future within their own Land never to be dispersed again. We can only pray for our youth’s every success in all their initiatives for a good and prosperous life.
I walked away from another of Israel’s finest, chuckling to myself: “YEP, Hashem! I need to learn NOT to ask stupid questions! Especially when it’s very clear that the human mind cannot comprehend the things of G-d because it’s definite Your ways are not our ways, and only You can create something good out of such evil and bring forth life from the grave.”
The souls of our precious martyrs and the Mighty Fallen live on in every generation. Their hopes, visions and faith are magnified throughout the Land. And their deaths sanctified the Name of Hashem who continues to breathe life into the nation of Am Israel!