Wednesday, April 14, 2010

100414 Camping Out in a Castle

I recently took one of my favorite friends home after a very tiring, yet very learned, walking tour of the Old City ending with a visit and shiur of the rebuilt Churva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.
As we pulled up to the Family Castle, Princess Chaya was at the doorstep to meet us and I was invited in for a tour of grandeur of which I am not accustomed to. During the course of our tour of her new home, she informed me she was not yet sleeping in her luscious bedroom, but camping out downstairs, since the water is not hooked up in the bathroom, and the bed has not yet arrived.
I met several members of the Royal Family, including Prince ‘Mo’ who was shortly off to parts unknown to study. And all the while, I was wined and dined – water, coke & pretzels - by Princess Chaya, who also proved to be the ‘hostess with the most-est’. Before my departure, she sat down at the piano to show off her skills by playing a couple of ‘do-wah-ditties’ she has been faithfully practicing on.
Hats off to the little Princess Chaya who is camping out in a castle!