Saturday, October 9, 2010


You get to meet a lot of people at the roadside pitstops which are few and far between in Israel. The Desert Inn is a favorite found on Highway 1, east of Jerusalem called the 'Way to Yericho'.
Children are never bored between the food, playground and camel rides.

Speaking of camel rides! It can be very hilarious to observe parents and grandparents attempt to mount a camel, and even more humorous to watch them ride it. Kids adapt well as the imagination takes them to the place of freedom, riding a camel in the hot desert wind.
But I could certainly understand why the camel would take flight and run into the open dunping the rider into a pile of sand on the desert floor when I heard the alarming squeals of a woman as she shrieked: “Ima-leh! Ima-leh!” I mean give me a break! That would terrify any animal even of the mildest nature! (SAVTA SHOSH from Ramat Gan, with her grand-daughters, Lia & Dolev)

Adults certainly enjoyed the coffee shops and buying those famous Israeli sandals fit for any nomad of the desert, male or female. And of course, who could resist those fresh fruits and veggies at the open stands.

But all too soon, tourists ascended back onto their buses and left for parts unknown. Well, maybe not too soon to please the vendors and the camels who just want a siesta break from the noonday sun.