Saturday, March 6, 2010


Free Clipart

I have to tell all you young'uns that you never get too old to be a 'kid', and you never get too old to enjoy friends and birthday parties with birthday cake and all the trimmings.
That's what us older 'kids' did in the outdoors on the hillside of Netzer this past Friday. The broadcast went out loud and clear that it was the birthday of one of our most loyal participants and photographer friend, Rivkah Ribak. So, we took up the opportunity to celebrate the moment with her.
I never got the age since there is just some things a girl doesn't tell!
יום הולדת = birthday
מסיבה = party
עוגה = cake
בחוץ = outdoors
לחגוג = to celebrate
גיל = age
מורד הנבעה = hillside

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