Thursday, October 8, 2009


Saba Efraim with his grandchildren, Yosef & Yaakov Tzvi
It’s a big mitzvah to invite guests into your succah during Chol Hamoed Succot. My host at Horesha was Ephraim who warmly invited me into his family succah. A happy, proud Saba, he was met with smiles and joy from a number of grandchildren including Yosef and Yaakov. Along with Saba’s instructions, the kids explained a little about the happiness of being in their succah. He is a great example of a Jewish grandfather taking his religious responsibilities serious and passing the knowledge of Torah from one generation to another.As I watched Ephraim light up with joy as he held each one of the boys, I thought of the rewards Hashem must extend to a Jewish man who trains his children and grandchildren to walk in the ways of the Lord! Yet, the greatest of these blessings must be the peace of knowing that no matter what happens, in the end that child will know he is a Jew, living in a Jewish land, among the Jewish People, serving the God of Israel!Such a Jewish father or mother never looks back with regret! The Jewish People always look forward with hope for a better tomorrow!
May the Guardian of Israel extend His peace upon the mountains of the Shomron and upon the homes wherein His righteous ones live! They are the watchmen, the shomrim, for the rest of Israel. Is it any wonder our enemies want them removed.

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