Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don’t Follow the Path, Pave It!

(ALL material for this posting was provided for by The Committee for a Jewish Shdema and Women in Green.)
“Don’t follow the path, pave it!” is the motto of the dedicated, pro-active, and energetic Shdema Youth. These young people from around the country participated in various events in Shdema during the past year. Realizing the importance of Shdema as a flagship for the struggle for the Land of Israel, they decided to organize themselves and to recruit additional youth to the campaign for a Jewish Shdema.
In the past months they’ve intensified their activities with events, hikes, and building projects.
• During the month of Elul, dozens of youth from Yeshiva L’Tze’irim came to Shdema for Slichot.
• Last Friday, youth from the military academy (mechina) of Nokdim came to Shdema to hear the lecture of Brig.Gen. Yehuda Duvdevani in honor of the yartzeit of Rehavam Ze’evi.
• Last Sunday, the youth of Shdema hiked from Shdema to Herodion. This area never sees Jewish hikers, and the youth were treated to many “discoveries”: water wells, almond orchards, and caves. So far, there’s no water or electricity in Shdema, so the discovery of nearby water sources is propitious for our future development plans.
• On Monday, 8 Cheshvan, girls from Midreshet Tohar in Yad Binyamin visited Shdema. They immediately went to work painting, planting, and cleaning. Before departing, they heard lectures on the importance of the struggle for Shdema and on Rachel Imeinu, whose resting place is just a few hills over from Shdema.
Another group of youth also visited Shdema that Monday. They found good use for some of the trash littering Shdema by recycling old tires into armchairs!

To join the activities of the youth for Shdema or to order one of their special t-shirts, call Tzuri at 054 6522292 or Tchiya at 050 4500834.

Attached are a few pictures of the latest activities by the Shdema youth in Shdema and the logo of their T-shirts.
With love for Israel,
The Committee for a Jewish Shdema and Women in Green
For details : Nadia Matar 0505500834 or Yehudit Katzover 0507161818

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