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Deep within the soul of a Jewish Jew is buried a love for the Land; and hidden within the Land is a cry for the Jew to return and take possession of it. The People are Hashem's inheritance; the Land is the People's inheritance; and children are an inheritance from the L-rd!

CHILDREN OF THE OUTPOSTS: B'nei Adam; Ronen Farm; Gilad Farm; Horesha

Hebrew roots of another kind: NACHALA = נחלה
During neilah (closing) service on Yom Kippur we make several statements to remind us of who we are followed by an acknowledgment of who He is. Embedded in the list is: “We (the children of Israel) are Your (Hashem’s) heritage!” = אנו נחלתך...!
The Hebrew root of this word is:
נחל = (na chal) a. to receive a possession such as wealth, glory or inheritance;
b. river or stream which flows from a fountain or water that flows through a dry river bed during the rainy seasons and is dry through summer (wadi)
Derived from this root are:
נחלה = (na cha lah) a. inheritance or heritage which is found often throughout the Torah, referring to the Jewish People as Hashem’s heritage and the Land of Israel as the inheritance of the Jews;
b. taking possession of any thing
Verb infinitive:
לנחול = (lin chol) to possess, to inherit
Modern term for a Jew who settles the Land of Israel:
מתנחל = (mit na chel) settler
התנחלות = (hit na cha loot) a settlement
Verb infinitive:
להתנחל = (l’ hit na chel) to settle on land

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