Wednesday, July 7, 2010

100706 ADURAYIM: Activities for the Kids

Buses were full of parents with their kids as we made our way to Adurayim for different activities for children. Others joined from nearby communities so there was a full house of tiny tykes.
It didn’t take long before chocolate was on their little faces, cheeks were bulging with tasty treats. Then, they reclined to hear the story-teller weave a story and dress them up to play different characters.
Elazar Brandt & wife Karina were the ‘balloonists with the most-est’, but the balloons seem to burst more quickly than they could be blown up, especially since some kids took a big bite thinking they were edible.
Hands were dripping with paint as the banner of Israel, designed by Yehudit Eisenberg, unfolded and they began to dibble & dabble. Some put their heads together and worked together in a team.
But it took all to make up a fun day of activities for these precious children.

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