Monday, July 5, 2010

100618 Hikers Arrive at Adurayim

A group of hikers emerged from the fields below. At first it looked like an invasion of Arabs until the men unwrapped their kafiyahs and mixed with acquaintances. The ‘David & Ahikam’ youth group hike through the desert of Judea and the mountains of Shomron every week in memory of David Rubin HY"D and Ahikam Amichai HY"D, murdered in 2007 by Arabs while hiking in the hills of Hevron.
Among the hikers was a beautiful 18 year-old by the name of Eliraz Binyamin from Otniel. She found a shady quiet place to rest and play a few songs on her guitar before continuing with the youth group on their journey through hostile territory.

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