Thursday, September 10, 2009

Little Girl on a Swing

One of my very best favorite friends, Racheli Katz, recently became the ‘Natzig’ for the children of Givat Zeev when she wrote a personal letter to Mr. Yossi Avrahami, the Rosh Hamoatzah. I had the honor of taking her to deliver the letter by hand but Mr. Avrahami wasn’t in his office. Racheli was well received and taken seriously by his secretary when she explained her request. His attentive secretary took notes and promised to give the letter to the Mayor when he returned to work. She also said the Mayor would phone her once he reviewed her letter.
Racheli explained she was 6 years old so she drew 6 hearts on the letter, a heart for each year of her life. She designed a girl on a swing as her logo, then wrote her request in Hebrew: To Yossi Avrahami from Racheli: “I am requesting swings.”
Her full petition is a request for swings to be put in her favorite playground, the Dinosaur Park across from her synagogue. Her appeal is not for herself alone, but also for her friends around the same age. At one time, the children had fun on swings until they suddenly disappeared. So, Natzig Racheli is speaking on behalf of all children who miss the swings as they frequently play in the park, especially during the summer months of school vacation.
(PHOTO Natzig Racheli & the Mayor's Secretary)

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