Sunday, February 28, 2010

100129 Planting Trees at NETZER, the 'Offspring'

An event ponsored by Women In Green; The Committee for a Jewish Shdema; Judea Action Committees; Netzer Settlement Group;Yibaneh Fund. See:
This year, celebrants took to the hill of Netzer which overlooks a valley of vineyards and olive trees planted by Arabs with the financial aid of EU and US sponsors. A vast majority of the land has already been taken illegally, but there are still areas which is considered 'no man's land' and is up for grabs.
Netzer means 'offspring' (of a tree) which is not a branch, but materializes from the root. Biblically it is a reference to the 'offspring of David' and is very important to Jews who have returned to the Biblical heartland of Israel, Judea and the Shomron (Samaria). So, we refer to this particular lonely hillside as Netzer.
Grandparents piled out of vehicles bringing along their offsprings who are now moms & dads who brought along their offsprings. Everyone came bearing gifts– trees and grapevines - in appreciation for Hashem giving us the Land.
Although there was such an atmosphere of joy and celebration brought on by our family musician who walked through the fields playing Israeli songs on his accordion, the children were sincere and intent about leaving an indelible print deep in the Land as they dug down into the rocky soil and planted the pardes (orchard) of olive trees and vineyard.

As I observed through the camera's eye, I realized these children themselves are the 'planting of the L-rd' in their own Land, taking root in the harsh stony ground of the Land; their roots reaching down into the depth of the soil where water is eventually found. They are the 'netzer', the offspring of David.

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